Dreams bring messages from God – Dream Group ministry minute (9/28/13)

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The dream group is not widely publicized at Grace, so I am pleased to be reporting on its presence and purpose as the Ministry Minute September 27 and 28. I am Sue Brightheart and I have been facilitating that group since September of 2010. I started working with dreams years ago in an informal way so when our fellow parishioner, Glen Williams, gave a presentation about Carl Jung’s ideas, especially as they related to the unconscious and dreams, I was excited. The next step was to earn a dream leader certificate from the Haden Institute in North Carolina.

Since that time, working with dreams has become an important part of my spiritual life and sharing that knowledge with others has become a passion for me. I was greatly encouraged in this pursuit when I came upon this quote from the early Christian theologian Origen: “Dreams are the primary way God speaks to his people.” I have found working with dreams has been a significant step in deepening my spiritual development. That our primary written book of faith, The Bible, is full of God communicating by dreams tells me this is a trustworthy gift of the divine. So I am eager to bring others to a knowledge of this additional spiritual practice.

Each dream brings us “messages from God,” to quote Bob Haden. These “messages” are barely in our awareness, or sometimes completely unconscious and come as brand new information surfacing into our consciousness. Dreams can also bring us comfort during hard times. I have had beautifully luminous dreams that have brought me great comfort when I am going into a dark period. When our body, mind or soul becomes unbalanced, a dream can point the way to restoring balance. Dreams can be full of puns, confusion, terror, but always in service of our healing and health.

Our dream group meets during the school year every other week on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. We take a break in December and in the summer. Once a year I present an introduction to dreams and working with them. That serves two purposes: First, to teach the basics of dream work, so all are able to work individually with their dreams at home. Secondly, to allow the attendees who wish to continue exploring dreams at greater depth to join the ongoing dream group. This introduction will give them enough information and techniques to be comfortable and able to jump right into the group.

The next introduction to dreams will be on two consecutive Monday nights (October 28 and Nov 4) at 6:30 to 8:30PM at Grace Church in LL5. If you have any questions or want more information, contact me at suebrightheart@gmail.com or call 231-271-3052.





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