Voice of the vestry: How will you give back to your community?

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By Barb Johnson

Vestry member Barb JohnsonNow that I am finishing my term, I was asked to write about why I joined vestry. I had volunteered as a Sunday school teacher when the boys were little and then as a youth group leader after the boys had been through the J2A youth program. I felt this was the “next step” in my journey in faith.

I remember praying about it. I came up with several excuses why not to run for vestry, but, in the end, felt it was where God wanted me. Part of my argument with Him was I felt inadequate to serve. I had no business, or finance background whatsoever. I didn’t have an extensive knowledge of the church which I thought I needed. However, when it came to sharing my time, talent, or treasure, the one thing I thought I had to share was my time. I knew a couple of people on the existing vestry, respected them, and thought I could learn from and about them. They were very spiritual, and I hoped that by being around them, I could expand on my spiritual growth. I believe I have grown. Serving on the vestry has allowed me to not only grow in my faith, but to grow as a member of my parish – giving back to my community of Grace, as best I could.

The one thing I thought I had to share was my time

We all benefit from this community in our own unique way. Lots of us refer to this community as our “church family” As a family, we all contribute. This was just another way for me to contribute to my family. There were times when I received so much more than I contributed. Were there times when I wanted to be somewhere else? You bet! But afterwards, I was glad I went! For when I was present, I was allowed the space to ask questions of others and myself and to provide input at my own pace!

I cherish many of those I served with on vestry and will always feel a connection. We bonded through our opening check-in process, learning little snippets of each other’s lives. We’d follow with a reading from scripture, discuss, offer our perspectives, and then get down to the business of the church. God was always present.

We all have the capacity to give something back to our church family. Being on vestry is about sharing your ideas and your strengths, whatever they might be! How will you give back to our community? Consider joining vestry!






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