An empty house is not a home – one woman’s story

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By Glenda Andrews
Jubilee House Coordinator

JubileeHousePortraitCurrently the waiting list in Traverse City for affordable housing with assisted financial help from the Department of Housing is two-and-a-half years or longer. This is a major concern for the social outreach programs within the city, and commissions have been formed to study the programs and see how they can be more effective.

When a person has lost their home for that long, they begin to lose all of their belongings as well, because it becomes impossible to store them or carry them around. Their household items gradually disappear until they are completely gone. When and if they finally get housing they must start all over again and try to make a home. This is just such a story.

A young woman had been on the housing list a long time when she was notified she finally had attained an apartment. While waiting for this housing she had become a friend of Jubilee House and volunteers so when she told everyone there she had gotten an apartment a shout of “HURRAH” went up, that is until everyone realized it would be just empty rooms.

A silent God-driven call went out and household items including furniture began pouring in. The volunteers picked up and delivered her donated furniture. All the items that are taken for granted to make a home started appearing until soon those empty rooms became a home and a life transformed. All of this happened when the Body of Christ worked with the love of Christ in their hearts to help one of Christ’s own. Thank you Grace’s Body of Christ.

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