Family reunited thanks to Jubilee House ministry

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By Glenda Andrews
Jubilee House Coordinator

Jubilee House in the throes of a cold, snowy winter.

Jubilee House in the throes of a cold, snowy winter.

During this harsh winter there have been many new faces that came to Jubilee House. I would like to tell you the story of Jim (not real name).

Jim came to Jubilee House alone, isolated from the community, and in need of help. Jim told the volunteer at Jubilee House that he was married with two small children, out of work, and out of a place to live where his family could all be together.

When a married couple is homeless and Goodwill Inn is not available, women and children can stay at Women’s Resource Center, but the man must stay at Safe Harbor thus splitting up the family unit. Jim knew his family was safe and warm, but they were not together.

Jim was welcomed into the family unit of Jubilee House and began using all the services that were available to him there. One of the services Jubilee House offers is working with the volunteers to learn what community resources are available and getting in touch with those resources. For Jim, this involved arranging counseling to help Jim and his family get housing and back living together as a family unit.

Last Friday Jim came to Jubilee House with news he was excited to share with his new friends at Jubilee House. Through his work with counseling he and his family are back together in their new apartment and a fresh start. Jim wanted everyone to know what Jubilee House had meant to him and his family in his most darkest hours.

Help your Jubilee Ministries to continue their work by providing additional space where this important counseling and transforming lives can take place in a private area of the house. Your contribution to our Outreach Renovation Project is so very important.

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