Jubilee House serves people in need

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By Glenda Andrews
Jubilee House Coordinator

jubileeHouse2014PatronBacksThe gap between those who are financially sound and those who are not is getting wider everyday. People who were on the edge of poverty are now falling into poverty at a faster rate than ever before. These people all have names and faces that your outreach ministries see everyday.

There is 63-year-old Grace that comes to Jubilee House who walks around in Meijers not shopping but just pushing around a cart so she could spend time in a building trying to stay warm. There is 70-year-old Ruth who walks with a walker that comes to the door of Jubilee House so she can do her weekly laundry for free. There is 60-year-old Charles who walks with a cane and drives a car, that is as old as he is, just to come and get a cup of free coffee and be with people.

And then there are the newly young poor who have lost their jobs, then their homes that come to the door in tears and ask if this is the place they heard about that will help them.

These are your Grace Church Outreach ministries Jubilee House, Food Pantry, and Hygiene Pantry that see the suffering that poverty brings to our brothers and sisters in Christ daily. These ministries offer a loving hand or a comforting hug to someone who is only holding on by a thread, and told YES we are the hands and feet of Christ and you are welcome here.

This is what the Outreach Renovation Project is about, the growth of poverty and suffering. Your donations are needed won’t you help??

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