Centering Prayer Community

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The Centering Prayer Community at Grace Church meets each Wednesday from 11 am -12 noon in the meditation room on the Lower Level. The hour is divided into Centering Prayer (sitting in silence) and Lectio Divina, which is reading, reflecting, responding, and resting in God’s Word. Centering Prayer is a “wordless prayer,” it is emptying oneself of words and thoughts and sitting quietly in God’s love and presence.

The Centering Prayer Community offers an Advent Quiet Morning on the first Saturday in Advent for the parish family as well as the Traverse City community.  A fall Quiet Day at Waldheim Retreat House on Old Mission Peninsula is an invitation to the Grace community to spend a day in silence, prayer, scripture in a beautiful wooded setting. Centering Prayer holds a space available to God as a free gift of our love.  It is a time of surrendering our hearts to Jesus. “Holy Spirit God above, touch my soul embrace my love, and take me to the quiet place where soul and Spirit join in grace.”  (James Brown).

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