Grace library divides the wheat from the chaff

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Grace Church Library is located in the Parish Hall building, lower level, room LL2.

In the recent past, Daniel has been very helpful in dividing the wheat from the chaff. We have a well-stocked library of readable, current topic books. In addition to new purchases, donations are welcome; they are screened for their content and interest. We are set up with the Dewey decimal system and an actual card catalog. Each book has at least one, if not more, subject card. It is fairly easy to find a book on most topics you would expect to find in a church library. You can read for spiritual enlightenment, to gain knowledge about any number of topics, or even read a fiction book for fun. New-to-our-library books can be found on the cart in the stairwell or on the cart in the library.

Books are checked out by writing your name on a card found in the back of the book and leaving it in the box on the upstairs cart or on the card catalog in the library. There is no official length of check-out; however long is necessary for you to read it, is fine. We do ask you to be considerate of others and not keep a book for years. Don’t laugh. I have a stack of book cards for missing books dating from 1999. Do you think they are truly gone? Books can be returned to the church office, or the cart in the stairwell or the library and will be re-shelved for you.

The library is available anytime for browsing or quiet reading; whenever it is not being used otherwise.

Volunteers are welcome and you don’t need any special skills. A brief training will have you ready for duty. For more information about the library, contact Penny Campo-Pierce, 946-1224.



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