Doing amazing things

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By The Rev. Daniel P. Richards

Every week I introduce people to Grace, in worship services, sure, but I also tell someone about our congregation every week, one on one. They are always impressed by the number of things we do as a congregation.

What I don’t get to say in so many conversations is how much more is going on in the lives of our congregation. Of course, what that means is how much is going on in your lives. You are the congregation, the gathered faithful, who embody what this church is, and what God in Christ is in your lives.

It is a unique seat up front that I get as a leader in a community. It is not really all that powerful, but I get to see you week after week, year after year. I get to see how your faith leads you to do amazing things.

Some of those things will make the news and others will make the obituaries, but most will never even be whispered. But they get seen, and sometimes they change lives.

The gifts of Grace are so many: worship services, sacraments, visits, dinners, Friday lunches, bags of groceries, kind words, a hug at the right time, a few dollars for a late bill, friendships, and Bible studies.

What gifts do you celebrate this year as we come to reflect on our life together?


I will remember the works of the Lord, and call to mind your wonders of old time.

Psalm 77:11

Growing in Grace: Week 1, The Gifts of Grace, A Worship & Prayer Insert for 26 October 2014

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