Jubilee House wins Community Champion Award

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By Glenda Andrews

JubileeHouse_GlendaAndrewsOn October 23, Jubilee House was honored by the Grand Traverse Community Collaborative and was presented the Mary Lee Lord Community Champion Award.  The Community Collaborative is made up from all of the human services agencies private and governmental in the Grand Traverse area and the award is in recognition of Jubilee House for services and dedication that enhances the lives of all our community members.  Although I accepted the award in honor of Jubilee House each and everyone of you deserves the award and recognition as well.  We are one in making Jubilee House happen.  Take the time Saturday or Sunday to look at the beautiful award, it will be on the table in the commons at church.  Wednesday I shared the award with those who were at Jubilee House and after I explained what the award was for there was applause throughout the house.  As I said we are all one including those we serve and they know it.  The Holy Spirit is very visible and felt at Jubilee.

Today I received at my home a box from Cameo Knitting in Montreal, Quebec and inside were 70 pair of heavy warm wool socks at a cost of $105.00 total.  Liz Hagan had taken it upon herself to contact this company, explain what Jubilee House is and does and they consented to sell the socks to us at $1.50 each with $0 shipping charges.  These are at best $15.00 socks.  I know that Jubilee House is God’s house and He is and always has been there loving and guiding us in ways to just be, so why am I always blown away when these type of things happen?  God has shown over and over He will provide for Jubilee House and He has sent special people to make sure it does!

Evergreen Construction (Jamie Hackett) bid has been accepted by the vestry with Vince Nelson acting as project manager.  There is a shortage of funds so Connie Riopelle has taken on the challenge to try and find more grants so Jubilee House can be completed.  At this time there is no date as to when construction will start.  I will try and keep everyone up to date as more information comes in.

Thank you all for being there.


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