Voice of the vestry: Will my children have faith?

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By Nancy Flowers

Nancy Flowers

Just when you think you have nothing to say, a thought worth sharing presents itself. While cooking breakfast and packing lunches this morning with my seven-year-old daughter, the question of where she got her name came up.

“Mom,” she said, “I heard this story in church about the boy Moses, and they said his Mom’s name was Sallie. Is that where you got my name?”

My response is less important than the conversation that followed, starting with her recalling a story she heard in church about how Moses’s mother put him in a basket made of reeds to save his life and how the Queen found and protected him. Sallie remembered how the Queen believed she was too old to have babies but that an angel had told her she would have a baby named Moses.

I was blown away with the amount she recalled about this foundation story in our faith. She may not have had the story totally correct (and I may not recall it to the letter either), but it was a story she knew well enough to talk about. To her it was a simple story with a character of the same name. But to me it provided confirmation that my children do carry knowledge from church with them. I left our breakfast conversation filled with hope.

You see, I often wonder if my children will grow into faith. I am a “single on Sunday” and although we have some faith-based traditions at home, I never know if it’s enough and often find myself questioning if they will embrace faith and grow up to be Christians. While I realize this is an outcome I can hope for but not control, I have seen enough of both my children’s character that—regardless of their religious choices—they will be good and kind people. That said my hope for them and for us is that they will be faithful Christians and that church and the community that comes with it will be as meaningful to them as it is to me.

I am grateful for a church that embraces children and for the adults in the Church school program who are committed to helping my children learn about and grow into their faith.

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