Vestry minutes – 4/21/15 meeting

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Vestry Minutes
April 21, 2015

Vestry Members: Mike Cotter, Nancy Flowers, Eddie Grim, Helen Hankins, Sue Kelly, Mary Merrill, Michael Mittelstaedt, Donna Olendorf, Dixie Stephen, John Strickler, Jeff Tibbits, Chuck Wolterink (Absentees in Italics)

Guests Present: Connie Riopelle, Mark Stackable
Staff Present: Ann Hackett
Clergy Present: Katheryn King, Daniel Richards

Check-in, Scripture & Study: Daniel asked us to share highs/lows. He then led us in a discussion of what makes us a blessed church based on the book Becoming a Blessed Church by N. Graham Standish. Do God’s will and seek God’s will by listening and watching but then be willing to speak even if it is uncomfortable. Daniel prayed with us.

Agenda: Approved. Minutes of the March 17 meeting approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Mark Stackable recommended Vanderwal, Spratto & Richards, PC (VSR) to conduct the Annual Financial Review and the 990T form for GEC at a cost of $4,250. Motion by Dixie, seconded by Donna to have VSR conduct the Annual Review for GEC. Motion approved.
Finance committee is in the process of interviewing other investment managers, setting up a task force to explore the Miller “parking lot” and GEC’s interest in the lot, and is obtaining more information from Traverse City State Bank in regards to refinancing the building loan to lower our payments and balance our budget. Mark said Traverse City State Bank is looking like the best deal with no prepayment penalty and 4.2% interest. More numbers and a recommendation for refinancing will be available at the May vestry meeting.

Rector’s Report: Daniel mapped out and explained the Park Place Renovation Project as well as proposed major housing developments near to the church and how it affects GEC. Concerns raised include quality construction for affordable housing along with access and parking for GEC. Daniel is working on a “place at the table” to represent GEC as a neighborhood stakeholder and will consider appointing a Chancellor to represent the parish. In other news, Tapas Talks, small plates over which people gather to talk, will begin at GEC in May. This will be a visioning process for GEC. Daniel will host each group along with two vestry members. All congregants will be invited by invitation to take part in one of the small groups.           

Associate Rector Report: Katheryn’s Wednesday night Lenten series on Prayer was well-received. She and Ellen Schrader are working on Pastoral Care with an updated list of those needing visits as well as those who can do the visiting. Katheryn will attend the Northern Great Lakes Synod ELCA Assembly in Hancock, Mi and will not be at the May vestry meeting.

Parish Administrator Report: Motion by Eddie, seconded by Chuck to renew our contract as an American Red Cross Shelter Site in cases of emergencies when disaster strikes. Motion approved

Motion by Michael, seconded by Eddie to comply with the Policies and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct as required by the Diocese of Western Michigan. Motion approved.

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Donna to withdraw $22,921 from the Schwab Hughes Endowment Funds to reimburse maintenance and upkeep for the year 2014. Motion approved.

Motion by Helen, seconded by Donna to approve the withdrawal of $7,613 from the Schwab Hughes Endowment Funds to reimburse organ and music expenses for the year 2014. Motion approved.

Discussion of “on-line” vestry voting was tabled.            

Senior Warden Report: Motion by Donna, seconded by Nancy to donate $1,000 from line 7000-2 MDG (Millennium Development Goals) in support of Habitat for Humanity. Motion approved.

Donna proposed two changes to the Debit/Credit Card Policy, as follows:

Motion by Eddie, seconded by Mike to raise the dollar level requiring preapproval from the Rector, Parish Administrator, or a warden from $50.00 to $100 (section 3.3). Motion approved.

Motion by Donna, seconded by Helen to adjust Section 4 of the Debit/Credit Card Policy with the following language: The spending limit for Jubilee House is $500 per month on each of their two accounts (Gordon Food Service and Oleson’s) so long as they have funds available in their account. Motion approved.

Motion by Donna, seconded by Dixie to amend GEC Bylaws so that Credit Card Policy takes precedence. Motion approved. By-law change will be presented at the next parish meeting.

We will begin posting draft vestry minutes on the website along with Vestry Visitor Guidelines.            

Junior Warden Report: Jeff chose to share under new business Evergreen Construction barrier free quote for the Jubilee House.

Old Business: Motion by Nancy, seconded by Sue to verify on-line voting to use $5,000 from the savings account to pay bills (10-yes, 2-no response). Motion approved.

The on-line motion made by Sue to retain DGN to perform the 2014 Financial Review was withdrawn.

Speak Up Magazine’s request to use Jubilee House space was denied by the Jubilee Board because they felt it was not in keeping with their mission.

New Business: Jubilee House: Connie Riopelle shared the Jubilee House Mission Statement and April Report. It was decided to continue with a monthly narrative and change to a quarterly financial report. Connie shared that renovation money for the following projects is coming from the St. John’s Episcopal Foundation Fund grant as well as capital improvement funds and donations. Acceptance of the Evergreen Construction bid and the Four Seasons painting bid are contingent on approval of the grant application to the St. John’s Episcopal Foundation. With that addition the April minutes are approved.

Motion by Dixie, seconded by Jeff to accept the Stone Mountain Carpet Mills bid of $1,160 for carpet and installation at the Jubilee House. Motion approved.

Motion by Mike, seconded by Michael to accept the First Class Closets bid for $1,880.81 for closets and installation at the Jubilee House. The company owner will donate labor and materials. Motion approved.

Connie has been investigating the appropriate place for a handicap accessibility ramp to the Jubilee House. At this point Jeff gave his report concerning parishioners who want to be sure the Jubilee House is ADA barrier free for handicapped parishioners who may want to volunteer. Connie is in contact with Jim Moore, Executive Director of Disabilities Network. He indicated the best choice for an ADA approved ramp is the easiest route to parking with designated handicapped parking.

Motion by Eddie, seconded by Donna to accept Evergreen Construction’s bid for $17,545 to construct a barrier free entry way into the Jubilee House and a barrier free environment between interior rooms, with an amendment that we adjust from 32” to 36” openings. Motion approved.

Motion by Mike, seconded by Helen to approve the allocation of $3, 590 from Four Seasons Painting for painting interior parts of the Jubilee House. Two additional bids will be sought.

Forum for Congregational Concerns: There was a discussion about how to bring up concerns from the parish and what needs to be in the minutes.

Follow-up & Follow-Through:

  • Daniel will set up a meeting to explain the refinancing of the loan to the congregation

with Mark and Ann giving a financial overview.

  • Ann will contact Speak Up Magazine to let them know their request to use the Jubilee House has been denied.
  • Ann will contact Jim Moore for more information regarding curbing and striping for the Jubilee House handicap parking.
  • Thank you notes: Helen-The Rev. Canon Bill Spaid, Sue-Christian and Marian VerMeulen and Tim Johnson, Nancy-Betty Lewis, Chuck-First Class Closets, Donna-Pete Clapp for continuously seeking and presenting alternative liturgies for the Saturday 5pm services.

Process Evaluation: Helen complimented Donna on running a good meeting with a lot accomplished.

Compline followed by dismissal at 9:20
Respectfully submitted,
Sue Kelly

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