Ministry of the week – Altar Guild

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wor ovrvw eucharist tableThe Altar Guild is a team of men and women whose purpose is to prepare all things necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist in our sanctuary. This includes setting and clearing the needed elements for each worship service – linens, candles, bread and wine, chalices, etc. – as well as the care and maintenance of the vessels and linens. They fill Lay Eucharistic Visitor kits so that communion with blessed elements may be taken to shut-ins. The Altar Guild is also responsible for flowers on the altar, especially the beautiful displays at Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter.

Most members of the Altar Guild attend the monthly meeting, then serve for one or two services each month. Meetings are used to share information about history and liturgy, to schedule for future months, and to discuss any changes or special needs requested by our priests. Several members serve as a Wedding Guild, to assist during weddings at our church, and we also have a member who sets up and assists with funerals.

The Altar Guild is currently looking for new members. Training is always hands-on and you will work side-by-side with another Altar Guild member. If you are interested please contact Kay Rickard or Sue Bush

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