Voice of the clergy – Happy Easter

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PR photo Jenika Burden PhotographyChrist is Risen! As Christians around the world gather today to celebrate the Resurrection, we make this acclamation in hundreds of languages as we have for two thousand years. In this shout we make a claim about the world and God.

We declare that the world is as Jesus proclaimed: his rule of love and service, grace and mercy has begun, even if the world does not see it just yet.  And second we proclaim that because of Jesus is God’s Son and reveals God that God is a loving Abba, a merciful and gracious God who saves us.

These two claims are vital in a world where we are more interested in what we are willing to kill for than what we would die for. Christ died for us, for the world, and for the Rule of God. In dying he was faith to his Abba, to the rule of  love even to death. In rising he has destroyed the power of death, showing us that there is nothing to fear in the world’s power and control.

We are free because he lives.

What are you going to do with that freedom?

Will you join us in loving the world back into relationship with God and each other, stewarding creation, healing the sick, feeding the hungry?

Will you join us in gathering together in fellowship and the apostles teaching, in the breaking of  the bread and in the prayers?

Will you join us in the word of Grace?

In Christ, The Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards

In the Easter Day 2015, Grace Life

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