Voice of the vestry: Ask yourself this…

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By Helen Hankins

Hankins_HelenThe privilege of serving on the Vestry requires a commitment of time, study, and sometimes difficult decision making. That all sounds rather dry, but there are lighter moments and even fun! The opportunities for fellowship with the other Vestry members is also a very positive benefit.

Recently we all took part in an exercise titled, “Mutual Ministry”. It was led by the Rev. Canon William Bill Spaid from Bishop Hoagland’s office.  Spaid is a scholar who has traveled widely and brings with him a depth of knowledge.

Here are a few of the questions he asked us to reflect upon for several weeks, he then returned to meet with us and try to come up with some answers.

1. What is God doing at Grace Church?
2. Who are the people involved in leadership programs and who participates?
3. What has been required of you?
4. What do you value about Grace Church?
5. In what direction would you like to see Grace Church go?

These are questions all of us in the congregation may ask ourselves and reflect upon them.
I wonder what your answers may be!

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