Ministry of the week: Daughters of the King

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By Ellen Schrader

Commonly referred to as DOK, this international religious order for women was founded in New York in 1885 and includes women from the Episcopal, Anglican, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic traditions. We are under the oversight of the Episcopal Church USA. Each Daughter makes a lifetime vow to live by a Rule of Life, which includes daily prayer and service, and bringing others to Christ. Communication with God must be a growing, deepening relationship with Creator, Son and Holy Spirit.

Each Daughter’s Rule of Prayer should be carefully considered and guarded, prayerfully chosen, renewed regularly and revised periodically. The Rule of Service is the application of one’s Baptismal vow reaffirmed by Confirmation, and every Daughter should daily seek to do the will of God where she is. “We are a group of women living a Rule of Prayer and Service to our neighbors. We are women to whom parishioners can look for love and for help in time of need or loneliness. We seek to walk with God as our guide and try to draw those with whom we come into contact into the church. We are women who work to spread Christ’s kingdom here on earth. We can never forget that prayer is the foundation from which our service grows.” (excerpts from The Order of the Daughters of the King National Handbook, 2012).

Our local chapter is St. Clare of Assisi Chapter (St. Clare was a follower of St. Francis of Assisi). Check out our icon of St. Clare, located in the columbarium. The icon was written (the proper term for how the icon was created) by Anne P. Davidson, a well know iconographer from the Diocese of Western Michigan. We invite you to pray using the icon as a gateway to that special, quiet space that you and God inhabit together.

The primary focus of DOK is intercessory prayer, and we welcome your prayers and concerns for inclusion in our monthly prayer list. You can fill out a prayer card and put it in the box on the ramp to the parish hall, or contact any Daughter. Our list is confidential and we also use “Mary and Joseph” for those who wish to remain anonymous. We never share your information with anyone outside our chapter, unless you have given us permission to do so. If you are looking for a deeper prayer life and a group of sisters to serve with and grow with, attend a meeting and see if DOK might be a fit for you. We meet the 2nd Saturday at 10am (next meeting in September).

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