Gratitude – Green Card

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It is a little green card that may have come to you in the mail. Extra are available at the church.

The Sgrat cardtewardship Ministry Team is celebrating World Gratitude Day at worship the weekend of September 19/20, 2015.

We are asking people at Grace to reflect all things that God has given to us. We pray each Sunday “All things come from you, O Lord.”

As disciples of Christ, we live our lives in an “attitude of gratitude.”

What are you thankful for? Since God gives all things to us … home, family, church and parish, salvation, God, talent and skills, a means to live, help from others, good government, temperate weather, a place to be and grow in discipleship and faith, hope, food, the earth and creation, thought, innovation, wonder, imagination, air, water, and this planet, health and the means to being healed, a mind, a soul, a body, people that do not agree with us and those that do. All things come from God and we should be grateful for all things.

On the Gratitude Celebration at Grace, come with a grateful heart and your gratitude card, and share with us what you are grateful.

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