Serving on Grace’s Vestry

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By John Strickler

Vestry member John Strickler

Clerk John Strickler

It’s amazing how quickly time slips by as we age. When I was a kid, the only thing that flew by was summer vacation. Now, seasons pass by like a week, and years like a season.

So it has been with my service on Grace’s Vestry. When I agreed to stand for election, a three-year commitment seemed daunting. But that time has passed quickly and has been both spiritually and personally rewarding. I constantly marvel at the talent and dedication of my fellow vestry members and am happy to count them all as friends. We come from different backgrounds, interests and points of view, but share a love of Christ and of Grace Church. In short, my time on the vestry has enriched my life beyond measure.

The Grace Nominating Committee is currently seeking candidates to serve on the Vestry. Terms are for three years and begin next January. Qualifications are simple but important. Candidates:

  • Are baptized adults, faithful in worship and regular contributors to the support of Grace;
  • Love God and demonstrate a commitment to follow the way of Christ;
  • Have the ability to work well with others;
  • Have an enthusiasm and vitality for this work.

This year’s Nominating Committee is chaired by Sue Kelly, and includes Steve Wade, Harry Wiberg, and Nancy Flowers. If you’re interested in standing as a candidate for vestry, please contact one of these committee members. If approached and asked to become a candidate, please give it your prayerful consideration. The pay is crummy but the rewards are life-changing. And, the time will fly by. I promise.

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