Voice of the vestry: Discipleship, pure and simple

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By Mary Merrill

Vestry member Mary MerrillBeing a Christian is about discipleship, pure and simple.  As I approach completion of my three-year term on Grace’s vestry, I have been reflecting about my journey as a maturing disciple.

I will never forget experiencing the Eucharist at my first vestry retreat.  Daniel asked that we serve one another.  I recall thinking, “Am I qualified to do this?”  Tears flowed freely, uncontrollably, down my face as I served the Body of Christ and Cup of Salvation for the first time.  The reverence was palpable.

I soon knew in my heart that, with God’s help, I would simply do my personal best to serve Him well.  Through prayer, study, and service on the vestry my discipleship deepened.  Spiritual relationships grew, enhanced by trust and fellowship.  Many times discipleship involved addressing difficult topics: openly, honestly, thoughtfully.  It meant patiently listening with our collective hearts, praying together, and making informed decisions in God’s time.  I have been both humbled and honored to serve our God and His church in my own pure and simple way.

Discipleship abounds at Grace in each and every ministry.  As disciples, we must ever keep our hearts and minds focused on the Light of Christ.  Darkness only breeds fear and anger.  Darkness can be found far and near in our world.  Because God gave His children free will, we always have a spectrum of response choices in life: everything from wallowing in darkness with fear to seeking the Light with joy.

Especially in this time of transition with its significant challenges, let us move forward into the Light together…following Christ, walking in His ways, seeking to do what He would do.  Let us be gentle and strong.  Let us be kind and vigilant.  How can each of us spread the Light of Christ in the coming year?  Where will your discipleship lead you?

The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.  1 Timothy 1:5

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