Vestry minutes – 7/20/2016

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Vestry Members: Clare Andreasson, Maria DiStefano-Post, Nancy Flowers, Eddie Grim, Helen Hankins, Sue Kelly, Michael Mittelstaedt, Anne Montgomery, Donna Olendorf, Jeff Tibbits, Marian Vermeulen, Chuck Wolterink (Absentees in Italics)

Guests Present:
Staff Present: Ann Hackett  
Clergy Present: The Rev. Carlton Kelley

Prayer and Check-in: Carlton began with a prayer and then reminded us to be vigilant about connecting with those parishioners we have not seen in church for an extended period of time. Do not be reticent to reach out to them and tell them we miss them. We continued with check-in, sharing what was happening in our lives.

Scripture & Study: Scripture and study were moved to the end of the meeting

Approve/Amend the Agenda:
The July 20, 2016 agenda was approved by acclamation with amendments. Move the Senior Warden position to the Rector Report. Add the Rector Search Committee report to Core Ministry Reports.

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Helen, to approve the minutes from the June 21, 2016 meeting. Motion passed.


Rector Report:

Carleton announced that Donna will be resigning her position as Senior Warden in order to take the Director of Children and Youth Formation position. Carleton contacted both Jeff Tibbits and Sue Kelly as possible replacements. Carlton said that both had declined for very good reasons. There is a possibility that two vestry members, Helen Hankins and Clare Andreasson, may be willing to share the position for the remainder of the year.

The Bishop has designated Sunday, September 18, as the Great Parish Swap. Parishes are asked to send a delegation of parishioners to an assigned parish nearby to attend the service. The purpose is to be a guest and observe hospitality as well as worship style. We are assigned to attend St. Philip’s, Beulah, and St. Christopher’s, Northport, will be coming to Grace. A sign up sheet will be forthcoming.

On Tuesday, October 18, the Bishop will return to Grace to follow-up on the Bry Dennison Sexual Misconduct case. More information will be available as details of his visit are worked out. We reviewed the Reporting Suspected Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, or Sexual Harassment document prepared by the subcommittee.

Motion by Jeff, seconded by Eddie, to approve the Reporting Suspected Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, or Sexual Harassment document with edits. Motion approved.

Lane Corbin, neighbor to Jubilee House, has complained that the JH patrons have not been respectful of her property. Steve Wade has stepped in as a liaison and Carlton has also spoken with her. A gate will be installed between the properties to keep patrons from wandering into her yard. At this point, we took a fieldtrip to see where the gate would be installed. The JH volunteers are also working with the patrons to mentor them in being good neighbors. Carlton will host a Neighborhood Dessert to invite neighbors to see God’s work at the JH.

Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of Mark, Ann read the Finance Committee’s report. The finance committee suggests the “Leap of Faith” contributions of $40,380 may be overstated in the financial report as not all of that money has been collected yet. Some of the money came as increased or new pledges, which will not be fully realized until the end of the year. The vestry will keep line 1006.4 on the balance sheet as is for now.

Parish Administrator Report:

Ann reminded us to keep our pledges current.

The 2015 Financial Review with Rehmann accountants has begun.

The leaky roof in the sanctuary is now serious. Ann contacted John Dancer (parishioner and architect) to look into commercial roofers to assess damage and cost.

The upstairs Boardman rental is being shown often but is not rented yet. We may need to lower the $1,000/month rent.

A representative from EPS met with Ann, Mike Cotter, and Don Olendorf to review the original quote for a video surveillance system. Since the first quote more than a year ago, we will now be getting more for our money with advanced technology that increases the distance covered and requires fewer cameras. The vestry will review the system at the August meeting.

Given the events of poor water quality in Flint, Michigan, the City of Traverse City asked owners of older houses to submit samples of water. Result: there is no lead or copper in the Jubilee House water as determined by the City.

It is important for us to convey that Grace Church kitchen is NOT AN ALLERGEN FREE KITCHEN.

Swing Shift and the Stars fundraiser for the JH has raised $23,500 thus far spearheaded by the efforts of Rick Taylor.

The Interim Rector Covenant document was in our packet for review. Carlton’s continuous 48 hour time off is Thursday noon to Saturday noon.

Senior Warden Report:

Donna met with MaryLee Pakieser, chair of the Rector Search Committee. Currently, there is $13,826 available for the search. Additional Foundation money will be available in 2017. The RSC would like a copy of the monthly financial report to keep track of funds. Canon Spaid will meet with the RSC on July 27. Marian will work on a date for a vestry/RSC barbecue.

Donna expressed mixed emotions in tendering her resignation as Senior Warden. She has enjoyed her call as vestry leader, but wants to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest once she begins her job as Director of Children and Youth Formation on August 17.

Motion by Eddie, seconded by Jeff, to regretfully accept Donna’s resignation as Senior Warden with August 16 as her last day. Motion passed.

Junior Warden Report:

Potter’s House members have generously donated to the following ministries.

  • $2,500 to the Friday Community Lunch at Grace
  • $2,075 to the Food Pantry at Grace
  • $2,000 to the Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City’s Phoenix Fund

The vestry subcommittee’s Standard Operating Procedures for reporting sexual misconduct is complete and will be posted in the Parish Hall and on the website. It will also be included in a forthcoming Grace Life bulletin insert.

The Master Planning Committee is now the Stewardship Ministry. They will meet on July 26 from 6:00-7:30 in the parish office.

Old Business:


New Business:

Carlton informed the vestry that there are not proper vestments for Holy Week. It would cost $1,400 to purchase them.

Motion by Eddie, seconded by Sue, to approve $1,400 to purchase proper Holy Week vestments. Discussion as to what funds to use. Some will come from Memorial Fund monies and some will come from donations. Motion approved.

Forum for Congregational Concerns:


Follow-up & Follow-through:

  • Donna will write the Annual Review for the Annual Meeting.
  • Carlton will follow up with the Bishop on details for his meeting October 18.
  • Helen will introduce the Reporting Suspected Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, or Sexual Harassment document in the Voice of the Vestry and inform the parish of the Bishop’s visit on October 18.
  • Donna will put the Reporting Suspected Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, or Sexual Harassment on the website.
  • Marian will bring an agreeable date from the RSC for the vestry/RSC barbecue. She will also provide a picture of the RSC.
  • Carlton will write a thank you note to the Potter’s House members.
  • Helen will write thank you notes to Julia Hogan for directing the needs of the nursery and to Kate Wood for embracing the role of food safety manager at Grace.
  • Ann will post information and a sign-up sheet for the Great Church Swap on September 18, 2016.
  • Ann and the office staff will send invitations by the week of September 6 to invite parishioners to the Bishop’s meeting.
  • Carlton will write a note to ask for donations to raise money for Holy Week vestments.
  • Donna and Ann will make edits to the Reporting Suspected Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, or Sexual Harassment document. The office staff will prepare a copy as an insert in a forth coming bulletin.


Scripture and study of the Lord’s Prayer from Luke’s gospel followed by dismissal at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Kelly
Vestry Clerk

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