We are strongest when we support one another in faith

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Joceyln in collegeBy Ellen Schrader

Today would have been my mother’s 91st birthday. I’ve been thinking about her a lot these days, and giving thanks to God for gracing me with a mother who never lapsed in demonstrating her unconditional love for me. The kind of love God gives us. She wasn’t perfect – what saint is? But Mom is the one who introduced me to God and supported my developing spiritual life in God. That might be the most worthy act a saint can perform.

All these years later, God is still providing saints to me, who continue to introduce me to God and who support (and challenge) my deepening relationship with God. Who has supported your relationship with God? Who has introduced God to you, educated you, challenged you? It’s a fair bet that beyond your parents, it was someone from church. Perhaps a church school teacher or youth group leader or camp counselor. Perhaps someone you met in a bible or book study, or in a Wednesday night class. Maybe someone who sits near you in church. Who are your saints?

How do we honor those saints who are still living? As many in our congregation age into a new and sometimes less active phase of their lives, how are we supporting them? Do you know how many people we have on our homebound list? They cannot get to church, so church must get to them. Is this something you could consider doing? A friendly visit to someone who has helped build up the body of Christ goes a long way toward their feeling remembered and loved. Kids and dogs are most welcome.

Many of our saints, pillars of our faith community, have already joined Jesus in God’s heavenly kingdom. I give thanks for their presence at Grace. A few of our saints have moved away to be closer to their adult children. A card or letter to far away friends is cherished. Yet many saints remain with us, both those who can attend church and those who cannot. How do you connect with the saints in the pews? Among those who cannot get to church, who will you visit or write to in the next month or two? We are strongest when we support one another in faith. I urge you to consider connecting with one of our saints. If you need help identifying them, give me a call!

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