Youth Group closes busy year

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by Elizabeth Wolterink, Youth Group Leader


Thank you all for voting in the Youth Group’s icon project!  We had lots of votes for our “most saintly saint,” with all of the saints receiving some votes.  The winner was St. Michael the Archangel, written by Travis Holl.  Travis’ icon pictured St. Michael slaying a dragon, representing the triumph of the hosts of God over the forces of evil.  All of the students were so pleased to be able to share their finished works with you and we hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about them!



It’s been a busy quarter for the High School Youth Group.  We began the early part of 2018 with an exploration of faith and science by using a frugal science tool called the foldscope.  This fully functional miniature paper microscope was developed by Stanford scientists to test for malaria in remote areas without access to labs or electricity.  We were able to acquire foldscopes for all the students and did some cool observations with them.



As Lent was starting, Grace hosted a diocesan youth retreat on Celtic Christianity organized by Donna Olendorf.  Kids from three other churches joined our group at Grace for two days of workshops, fun, and worship.  From the retreat and Lent Madness we moved into our icon project.  In the midst of this, the students also participated in the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive, marking, sorting, and shelving the donations to Grace’s Food Pantry.


We welcomed a new leader to the group in late Spring.  Mike Okma stepped in to help out for the end of the year.  Mike works for the Land Conservancy and he, his wife Daniele, and their three children are faithful members of the 10:00 service.  We were blessed to have him on board!  Mike joined us just in time for the students to dive from icons into another artistic project: designing the image for their t-shirt and hoodie sale.  They combined Grace’s fleur cross with a part of the 150th anniversary logo and chose the fonts, wording, and placement for the image.  The sale was a great success with almost 90 shirts sold!  The proceeds will go toward the group’s pilgrimage fund.  Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt to support us!

Youth Group will go on its normal summer hiatus and reconvene again in the fall.  Sadly, both Mike and Elizabeth will probably be unable to continue as leaders next year.  If you feel called to work with a great group of young people in this wonderful ministry, please prayerfully consider becoming a leader and speak to Rev. Kathryn.  Thanks for all your support of our group this year!

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