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Joining the apprentice experience

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By Jo Panter Director, Apprentice Traverse City I recently read an article on how to evaluate return on investment (ROI) as a measure of profitability from meetings. Things like time spent, facility costs, quality of agenda, information presented, and quality of interaction by those who are present are included. Did it create a greater proficiency… Read more »

Is the Christmas story necessary?

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By The Rev. Katheryn King Is the Christmas Story Necessary? That might seem like a silly question.  Yet it is not silly at all when we remember that two of the four New Testament gospels do not have stories of Jesus’ birth or infancy.  Mark’s simply begins with the ministry of John the Baptist.  Then… Read more »

Budget approved at Special Diocesan Convention

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By Helen Hankins and Irene Cotter For a number of years, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan has held its annual convention in May. This year was no exception and Grace Traverse City was blessed to have served as host. On November 1, as your delegates,we also took part in a second and Special Diocesan… Read more »

Serve others and your needs will be met by those around you

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By The Rev. Daniel P. Richards Whom do you serve?  This question in today’s world seems out of sync, maybe even unnecessary.  We don’t think of ourselves as servants particularly, though, if we think a little more, some answers may emerge. We serve customers in our businesses.  We serve editors and readers in our writing. … Read more »