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What are you thankful for?

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By Dave Eitland with the Stewardship Ministry Team What are you thankful for? Stewardship is a journey grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer, lived in faith. This definition of stewardship comes from the book called Bounty: Ten Ways to Increase Giving at Your Church by Kristine Miller and Scott McKenzie. The Stewardship Ministry Team and… Read more »

Education for Ministry call for enrollment

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By Rosemary Hagan Grace parishioner Helen Hankins graduated in May of this year from Education for Ministry (EFM), a four year lay theological education program offered at Grace Church. In addition to Helen’s participation, Julia Hogan, Catherine Turnbull, Katherine Will, Greg Hagan, and Ellen Schrader completed their second year, and Nancy Johnson completed her third… Read more »

Voice of the Vestry: Beacons of faith

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By Mary Merrill Two of Grace’s dearly loved parishioners recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary by renewing their marriage vows. If you were present for this worship service, you know how touching the ceremony was. Frank and Joyce Faustman were wed on June 29th, 1944, while the world was at war. The timing of this… Read more »

A holistic approach to stewardship

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By Tammy Devine   I wonder: Might Christ be turning the money tables upside down? I wonder: Is Christ inviting us to steward a deeper relationship with God one where we are listening and attentive to caring and nurturing all that we have been given? Through the waters of baptism we are called to live… Read more »

Eight by Eight: Another way to share a meal

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By Mike and Irene Cotter In Daniel’s parting remarks last month before he left on sabbatical, he invited each of us to share our blessings over a meal together. As we reflected on this idea, we realized that yes, we could do this, and maybe it might provide the opportunity to know on a few… Read more »