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Stations of Advent

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The Root of Jesse, reprinted by permission of Johnathan Grant.

In 2011, Grace Episcopal Church asked artist Johnathan Randall Grant to paint four meditations for Advent. Each is inspired by various texts in the prophets- and there is a painting for each of the weeks in Advent. The paintings are on permanent display on the lower level opposite the music room. Grant is an artist… Read more »

Voice of the Vestry: What are we thankful for?

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By Mike Cotter At the opening of every Vestry meeting, each member takes a turn bringing fellow Vestry members up to date on what has been happening since we last met. Most times, this involves a mentioning of something we are thankful for. This is a very prayerful process and when we all have had… Read more »

Advent taps our spiritual roots

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By Dixie Stephen The observance of Advent and the Nativity is one of mankind’s most significant events. They are an observance and celebration that provide us with a sense of connectedness – a communal event that taps our spiritual and emotional roots. When our sons were three and six years old, it became apparent that… Read more »

Finding hope at the holidays

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By Kathryn Holl It is okay to be sad when someone you love dies. This is especially true during the holidays when fresh memories arise, when tradition, fellowship, and love–all once delightful expectations of the season, now bring sadness to the surface. If you feel overwhelmed, remember to be gentle with yourself and with others…. Read more »

Grace Upstairs: Spiritual development is a spiral

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By Catherine Turnbull Director of Christian Education The biggest change we’ve made upstairs this fall is a shift away from a curriculum that offers children an interpretation of each week’s Bible story, to an open curriculum that encourages children to try interpreting the stories individually, just for themselves. Dispensing with interpretation is the most difficult… Read more »

Stewardship means sharing God’s love

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By Ken Andrews Stewardship. What is the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions stewardship? I used to think that stewardship was the campaign each year to pledge financial support for the Church, but I have come to realize that it is so much more than that. Stewardship should happen 365 days a… Read more »