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Bishop transition: The Not Chosen

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We had a wonderful slate of nominees before us and a difficult set of choices to make regarding them. We are all blessed by their willingness to stand for election. They were each ready to be called upon to serve if chosen and to serve if not chosen. All of us at the convention were… Read more »

How did Whayne Hougland become the bishop elect?

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By Steven Wade,  Sr. Warden The Truth – The clearest and simplest answer is God chose him. I believe this and ask that if you are less sure of this to prayerfully consider this possibility. The Process – First you need to know a group of good and faithful people developed a plan that led… Read more »

Senior warden shares his pick for next bishop

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By Steven Wade, Sr. Warden On Saturday, May 18 delegates and clergy from around the diocese will gather to elect our next bishop. This is an important event in the life of a diocese as the bishop is not only the leader of the diocese as a whole, but also of each congregation. Grace will… Read more »