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Vestry meeting visitor guidelines

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Guests are welcome to observe GEC vestry meetings, typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Church members may propose agenda items, which should be submitted in writing to the Vestry Executive Committee at least two weeks before the next scheduled session. Such items will be included under New Business and guests will be… Read more »

Voice of the vestry: Who we are, what we do

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Known as the "Rector's Warden," the Sr. Warden's job is to support the clergy.

By Donna Olendorf When I told my daughter that I had been selected to serve as Sr. Warden at Grace, she said “Congratulations!” Long pause. “What’s a Sr. Warden?” I suspect she’s not the only one who’s unsure about the role that a vestry warden plays, and in fact, I’ve been reading up on the… Read more »

It’s winter and God is in his heaven

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By Dixie Stephens Winter brings conflicting feelings for gardeners. The enjoyment of our much-needed rest soon gives way to restlessness. By New Years, I am aching for the physical challenge of working the soil; chafing under woolen clothing that feels too heavy; and pleading with God for a sunny day. During these months, I spend… Read more »