Jubilee House is next door to Grace Episcopal Church on Washington St.

Jubilee House

Who We Are: Jubilee House is an outreach ministry of Grace Episcopal Church in Traverse City Michigan and registered as a ministry of the National Jubilee Network which consists of over 600 Jubilee Ministry Centers spread across all provinces of the Episcopal Church. In Traverse City, Grace Episcopal Church’s Jubilee Ministries include the Food Pantry, Jubilee House (a day shelter for those experiencing homelessness or are less fortunate, and Friday Community Lunch.

Mission: The mission of Jubilee Ministry is to provide assistance with daily living needs and support, which promotes the dignity and respect of those experiencing homelessness, are marginally employed or are low income citizens in the greater Grand Traverse area.

Services: The following services are available to anyone in the community who expresses a need.

•    Mail System: Patrons are allowed to receive mail through Jubilee House. Mail can be picked up anytime Jubilee House is open.
•    Laundry: One load of laundry may be washed and dried per day. Detergent is provided.
•    Showers: Personal toilet kits are available for anyone desiring a hot shower.
•    Computer Use: Computers with Internet access are available to patrons on site.
•    Personal Storage Bins: Bins are available for those who are homeless and need a place to store their personal items in a secure location.
•    Extreme Weather Emergency Location: During the harshest part of winter, Jubilee House may extend hours to provide a warm place for people to stay out of the elements.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 2 pm

For more information: Contact the Parish Office: 231.947.2330

Volunteer Profile: Volunteers receive training prior to service.

Location: 325 Washington Street, Traverse City, MI, 49684
Phone: 231.947.3305

Ministry Highlights:  Jubilee House has done amazing things over the last few  years . . .

  • Opened doors April 2006 through April 2012 – 6 years
  •  Went from 2 days a week to 5 days a week
  •  Hours open since April 2006 – April 2012 is 5,064
  •  Went from 6 volunteers in 2006 to 20 in 2012
  •  Number of volunteer hours since April 2006 – April 2012 is 13,081
  • And the number since 2006 is: 25,000+!
  • The first year open saw 980 visits and last year was 7,054 visits.

There have been physical changes to Jubilee House as well.  New replacement windows and doors were installed with help from Habitat For Humanity contractors.  The wood on the exterior of the house was scraped and painted.  With grants from the Old Mission Women’s Club plumbing was added for an additional laundry washer and dryer.  A new stove was added to the kitchen.  And, a new room was built in the basement to house the ever-growing personal needs pantry.  There was a donation of much needed furniture and television for the living room, and a new Jubilee House banner has been hung in the Parish Hall for all to see.Our community recognition continues as well.  Jubilee House was the recipient of The Unsung Hero Award from Goodwill Inn, and with this came Congressional Recognition as well.  Jubilee House has not been untouched by the news media when a story went viral about one of our patrons.  Jubilee House was also a part of Central United Methodist’s Amazing Treasures Race for the youth of Central.  St. Nick and the children of Grace toured Jubilee House and brought food in red wagons for the food pantry.

For all of this we give thanks to God for the opportunity to love and serve his children, as he would have us do.