By Dave Eitland

hands and plantWant to give that gift that will help Grace forever? Consider a gift to Grace in your will or trust.

The ministry of the Grace Episcopal Church Foundation is to receive gifts that will perpetuate the ministry at Grace forever and to educate the congregation about different giving tools.

Grace Foundation is a separate charity (501.c.3) from the Parish that has an unrestricted endowment for use of the Grace’s Vestry for the ministry of the Church. Not only does it act as trustee of these funds but also teaches the congregations on different ways of giving that will advance the Gospel forever.

The Grace Foundation encourages the people of God at Grace Episcopal Church to:
• Review their trusts and wills every three to five years or after a life changing event
• Consider giving a bequest to Grace as a cash donation or percentage of your estate
• Use other tools for giving like stock, securities, real estate, precious metals and jewelry, vacation homes, life insurance, beneficiary designations, retirement accounts, and many more.
• Be informed on other creative ways of giving that will provide you with a life income.

By including the church in your estate plan, the Gospel will be proclaimed.

If you would like to contribute to the current ministry of Grace, then make your estate gift to Grace Episcopal Church of Traverse City, Michigan, EIN #38-1854119, or its successor, which shall be used for the advancement of the Gospel.

If you would like to contribute to the endowment that makes ministries happen forever, then make your estate gift to Grace Episcopal Church Foundation of Traverse City, Michigan, EIN #38-3275843 which shall be held in an endowment for the ministries of Grace Episcopal Church, Traverse City, Michigan or its successor.

The Episcopal Church Foundation is an excellent resource for people who would like to give in this way.

Click here ( to see their donor page. ECF provides on-line webinars to further your awareness of this style of giving at click here (

If you have questions contact the Parish Office at 231.947.2330 or

When giving this way to Grace, always consult with your legal and financial professionals prior to making such a gift. Please consider future and special family needs prior to making such a gift.

If you have given donations to Grace annually, shouldn’t you also give the gift that lasts forever?

Click here ( to see the Foundation’s current tax filing.