Study groups at Grace Church:

Adult Bible Study

BibleStudyTrioSliderVersionAdult Bibile Study enables disciples at Grace to gain familiarity and a level of comfort in reading the Bible so that it will inform their faith, worship, service, and relationship with God.
Each year the group chooses a reading plan as a way to read, explore, and discuss the Bible during the year. Newcomers are welcome to join the group at any time.
Classes meet on Sundays between the services in the Parish Hall. Other adult education classes regularly meet on Wednesday evenings. Watch Grace Life or the website to see additional opportunities.

Children’s Chapel and Godly Play

Childrens Chapel Godly play response timeChildren’s Chapel And Godly Play Volunteers introduce children to, and provide practice in, the four functions of the Christian language system: sacred stories, parables, liturgical action, and contemplative silence. Each week we…
• Prepare for worship and practice the Liturgy of the Word
• Collect an offering for children in need
• Share a sacred story and ask wondering questions
• Pray for each other
• Engage in an art response

We meet Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45 am.

The Grace Church Library

Grace Library 1The Grace Church Library is located in the Parish Hall building, lower level, room LL2. We have a very readable collection of books in our library.
You can read for spiritual enlightenment, to gain knowledge about any number of topics, or even read a fiction book for fun.
Checkout is easy. Just write your name and date on the card at the back of the book and leave it in the box on the cart. You can keep the book as long as you need to, but please return it so others can enjoy it also.
New acquisitions can be found on the cart in the stairwell or on the cart in the library.
Volunteers are welcome and don’t need any special skills.
A brief training will have you ready for duty.

Spiritual Direction

chairs spiritual directionSpiritual Direction offers professional support for deepening and exploring one’s
spiritual life and relationship with God.
What you can expect…
Spiritual guidance and companionship that may include: reflection upon one’s prayer life; sharing of one’s spiritual journey, Scripture support, discernment assistance.

Sessions are by appointment.

The Youth Groups

Youth Group Jeff and youthThe middle school and high school youth groups have leaders who guide them through the course of adolescence: to impart a deep sense of our worth in the eyes of God; to provide a place where youth begin to discover their authentic selves; where youth learn the language and practice of faith; and explore what it means to be an Episcopal Christian in a complex world. Youth groups…
• Learn about and participate in Grace Church’s core ministries
• Serve others as families and individuals, locally and afar
• Study the Bible and use the Book of Common Prayer
• Learn about and prepare for confirmation

We meet weekly, on Sundays, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The Dream Group

dream group The Dream Group is grounded in Christian principles and Jungian psychology. Dream work is a valid and powerful tool that helps deepens our spiritual life. It brings to our conscious mind not only our shadow aspects, but also unrecognized good aspects that are buried in our unconscious. Some aspects of our work…
• Share dreams in a safe environment
• Honor confidentiality
• Receive divine guidance from dreams
• Gain insight into our unconscious

We meet every other Tuesday in LL3, 4-6 pm, January-May and September-November.