Children and Youth Formation

Welcome! We’re very glad to share Sunday mornings with you and your children. To support you in your family’s faith formation, we offer these Sunday morning programs for our members from birth to eighteen. All are organized under the umbrella of Grace’s mission to Welcome, Worship, Study, Serve. It’s also important to us that you know your children are always welcome to worship with you in the Sanctuary, no matter their age.

We start with Welcome:

Beginning upstairs at 9:45, adults greet children individually, shake their hands, and help them sign in. Our three church school areas are: the Nursery, Godly Play, and Middlers. (For our youth group program, see below.) The Nursery is for anyone from birth to three years old. It’s situated in two rooms above the Parish Hall. We ask that these children are signed in by a parent or guardian. Everyone from preschool through fourth grade worships together in Godly Play, right at the top of the stairs. Middlers (5th – 8th graders) sign in and meet in the Youth Room (LL4) at the bottom of the Parish Hall stairs.

Worship and Study are tailored to stages of spiritual development:

Nursery (Infants and Toddlers ~0-3 yrs.) meet for music, crafts, and play.

In  the Children’s Chapel, everyone from pre-kindergarden to 4th grade is part of a chapel service that mirrors the Episcopal Liturgy, includes the great stories from our faith tradition told according to the Godly Play curriculum, and is designed to allow the older children to mentor the younger. After worship is complete, there’s a time of visual art or active response to the stories told.

Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders (Middlers) follow a curriculum that engages them deeply in the Old Testament in the fall and the New Testament in the spring. Their visual and service responses are more complex than the younger groups, and this class has the responsibility for leading the younger children in serving others in the name of Christ.

Service also includes our children’s participation as full members of Grace Church in our youth choir, Joyful Noise; our Healing Team; as acolytes; as occasional readers of Old and New Testament lessons during worship in the Sanctuary; and many other things. Families are encouraged to join together in one of Grace Church’s many outreach, worship, and welcome ministries.

Older youth are invited to join Grace Church’s High School Youth Group (Grades 9 – 12) which begins meeting in September.  So that young people can regularly participate in worship in the Sanctuary, Youth Group meets after church (11:30 am) in the Youth Room (LL4).

All the activities of our youth groups enrich our mission to Welcome, Worship, Study, and Serve.