At Grace, our life of study is cradle to grave.

Beginning in the nursery, our children are surrounded with the stories, songs, and saints of our faith.

Burying the Alleluia (4)Our adult formation is led by Dr. Rosemary Hagan, our head of formation and spiritual director for the congregation. Our program really has three components, adult catechism, classes and small groups, and the GraceSprings Christian Spirituality Foundation. Adult catechism prepares those who wish to commit or recommit to their faith through baptism or confirmation. Classes and small groups are the regular bases of life as disciples at Grace. Our meetings for all ministries begin with prayer and reflection on the upcoming week’s gospel. Various classes are available to deepen the life of faith and commitment year-round.

GraceSprings is a foundation set up to offer local spiritual direction and deeper formation in the spiritual and discipled life of Christians. Often we are happy to drink from the wells others have dug, but there are times in life when we need to go back to the springs of the Spirit to be shaped in deeper and more fresh sustaining ways. Information on upcoming classes and events are available through the office at 231-947-2330 or by contacting Rosemary at .