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Why we refinanced the church

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Grace Church exterior

By Donna Olendorf Senior Warden Before I joined the vestry, I never worried much about church finances – the pews were full, the liturgy was rich, and our outreach programs won grants and accolades. Then I became a member of the group responsible for church finances and suddenly the picture reminded me of Dorian Gray… Read more »

Ken & Glenda Andrews receive Sara Hardy Award

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By Donna Olendorf “We receive so much more back than we give,” Glenda Andrews told a standing room only crowd at the Traverse City Government Center on Monday night, as she and her husband Ken were honored with the Sara Hardy Award for humanitarian service. Dozens of Jubilee House volunteers and patrons, as well as… Read more »

Voice of the vestry: Who we are, what we do

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Known as the "Rector's Warden," the Sr. Warden's job is to support the clergy.

By Donna Olendorf When I told my daughter that I had been selected to serve as Sr. Warden at Grace, she said “Congratulations!” Long pause. “What’s a Sr. Warden?” I suspect she’s not the only one who’s unsure about the role that a vestry warden plays, and in fact, I’ve been reading up on the… Read more »

New vestry members elected at 148th Annual Meeting

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By Donna Olendorf The 148th Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, January 18, and included several important elections. Nancy Flowers, Sue Kelly, Michael Mittlestadt, and Jeff Tibbets were elected to fill three year terms on the vestry, while Eddie Grim will be appointed to replace Denny Meyers for a one-year-term. Elizabeth Blondia, Sandy Foote, and… Read more »

Website celebrates 2nd anniversary – 17,266 visits and counting

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By Donna Olendorf Two years ago this month, Grace launched its rebranded website and, just over a year ago, replaced its hard copy newsletter with a Grace Notes blog ( Since then 9,430 visitors from as far away as Kenya, Australia, and Brazil have paid 17,266 visits to the website to enjoy its rich content… Read more »