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Love your neighbor

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I was pondering the commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself” while it was being read in church recently.  I have known this my entire life, but what does it mean to me?  Love is a feeling, but feeling lovingly towards someone is not enough.  It doesn’t mean anything without some action involved in loving… Read more »

Food Pantry receives challenge gift

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$ucce$$!: Grace Church members were challenged to match a gift of $1000 for the food pantry and exceeded that amount as of Monday, September 29. In 22 days $1945 was given to the Food Pantry. The family matching the gift will subsequently donate another $1000 for a total accumulation of $3945.  Gratitude is extended for… Read more »

Jubilee House serves people in need

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By Glenda Andrews Jubilee House Coordinator The gap between those who are financially sound and those who are not is getting wider everyday. People who were on the edge of poverty are now falling into poverty at a faster rate than ever before. These people all have names and faces that your outreach ministries see… Read more »