We are disciples of Jesus…

Episcopal ShielldWe are an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Western Michigan.

We are Episcopal Christians, which means that we worship God known in Jesus Christ and present to us in the Holy Spirit.

We are disciples of Jesus, which means that we worship and pray as his disciples did, that we try to discover what he says about God and us and how to live, and then we try to live that way. We err on the side of social justice when we can.

We welcome all to the table to be a part of his disciples and in the sacraments to become a part of his Body. The sacraments don’t make that happen; the Holy Spirit does, and our participating in worship and acts of obedience reveal, seal, and make public that work.

We let everyone in. That is our strength and weakness. It means that we have to grow up and live with people who are different and have varying opinions, and we have to submit ourselves to something bigger: Christ’s call to love and discipleship.