Join us in this amazing journey of faith…

So what does membership mean in this new world we live in? It means being more than acquaintances.  It means belonging, being responsible for, invested in, and shaped by something larger than ourselves.

Laying on of Hands during Confirmation

So what is?

We have this message every week that you belong here. And you don’t have to be an Episcopalian for that to be true. But when you want to move more deeply into our common life, then it is time to make a commitment to belong to something more. You may want to become a member of Grace.

We are Christians by virtue of being Baptized. We say, “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism,” at the beginning of the Baptism service, and we mean it. Baptism makes you a Christian, wherever you had it done. It may also make you an Episcopal Christian and member of Grace if you do it here.

Becoming a Christian means that you, or your parents and godparents, are taking on a set of vows about how to live and how to follow Jesus the Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In particular your vows in our church are found in the Book of Common Prayer. We promise to come to church for worship, fellowship, study of the teachings, Scriptures, and to serve Christ by serving others.

If those promises were made for you, you have the chance in the liturgical traditions to take on those vows as an adult in Confirmation. Confirmation is the ordination of the laity, the ministers of the church who are not also clergy. You take those vows yourself.

Again, if you do that through our diocese, the larger body Grace belongs to as an Episcopal Church, you are promising to do that in the way of the Episcopal faith. You can learn more about that here on our website or at the national church website .

If you did that somewhere else, you have to move your membership to Grace in order to be a member of the local church. If you are already an Episcopalian, you just fill out a form with the office, and we transfer your membership here through paperwork.

If you were Baptized and Confirmed in another denomination (or no denomination), you are Received at the diocesan service of Confirmation. It is a formal service where you aren’t confirmed again, but you are welcomed by the laying on of hands from the Bishop.

So to recap, we have

  • Baptism for membership in the Christian faith,
  • Confirmation for the adult vows to fulfill the promises of Baptism, and
  • Reception for those who are already Baptized and Confirmed in another stream of the faith.

Each of these steps takes serious preparation. If you are going to make and keep vows, you have to know what you are doing and what your membership is a part of, so we have classes at various times during the year.

If you are interested in membership at any stage, please call the office and set up a visit.

Wherever you are, join us in this amazing journey of faith. And when you are ready, join us as members of Grace Episcopal Church.