Where to find information

Our church website is designed around our four missions: Welcome, Worship, Study, and Serve.

Its primary audience is people who are interested in learning about our church or who don’t live in the area but want to keep up with our activities.

However, parishioners will find updates about office closures, announcements, calendar, weekly sermons, and the Latest News, which is a blog post on the homepage.

We hope you will bookmark the website and check it often. Contact the webmaster, webmaster@gracetc.org, if you have questions or suggestions.

Grace Notes
This former ‘paper’ newsletter about the life of the church now is in a blog format on the website.

The name Grace Notes was chosen by parishioners many years ago to describe how each person is a musical note in the harmony of the church.

You’ll find a link to our blog, which now includes Grace Notes on the homepage of the website. It includes articles about what parishioners are doing, contemplative and reflective pieces, editorials, reviews of books, articles about music, prayer—in other words, more in-depth articles about the life of the church.

Send articles for Grace Notes by email, adminassist@gracetc.org, or bring them to the church office.

 Grace Life
This weekly news bulletin is distributed at each service and is available in the Commons during the week.

It contains articles and announcements about weekly and upcoming meetings and activities, birthdays and anniversaries, leadership and staff list, office hours and worship schedule, service participants, meeting and event calendar, and Rites of Passage.

Send announcements to the church office by email, adminassist@gracetc.org, or bring or mail a paper copy. 

This weekly email newsletter is sent to interested persons every Friday. Special announcements, e.g., office closings, deaths, also are sent to this mailing list.

It includes all information that is in Grace Life for the upcoming weekend. It also has links to the church website and other pertinent sites.

Most announcements that are sent to the office for Grace Life are also included in the Gracevine.

To receive Gracevine in your inbox, send an email to adminassist@gracetc.org and request to be added to the email list. 

Grace Church Style Guide
The church Style Guide defines common usage for all communication vehicles. Those writing articles for any Grace Church publication should use the standard usage as defined in the Style Guide.

We publish articles in many media and when submitted articles follow the Style Guide, editors can spend more time on the content.

To obtain a copy of the Style Guide, contact the office adminassist@gracetc.org; if you have questions about content, contact Sandy Seppala Gyr, sansep19@earthlink.net, 231-421-3343.