Baptism is one of the two primary sacraments of the church.

When you enter the sanctuary at Grace from the Commons, you are faced immediately with the baptistry.  It is large and made for immersion.  The old, smaller traditional Episcopal font is before you, covered.  The new font and baptistry are based on that older font.  But they present a stark theological statement about the Christian faith:  We are a baptized people.

We mark the beginning of our Christian journey with baptism.  Whether as a child who will be raised in the family and church of faith, or as an adult who is coming to the life of discipleship (following Jesus) for the first time, we begin in these waters.

They recall for us the waters of creation, the flood of Noah, the River Jordan and the promised land and our identity in all those Scriptural moments.  We soak our lives in the Covenant and salvation history.  We are remade as a new human being (a new Adam in Paul), casting off our life in the flesh, driven by our needs and desires, our base selves, driven by biological and economic desires, and we are reborn as people of the Spirit, followers of Jesus, letting God remake our needs and desires.

Baptism requires us to be different.  And so we prepare for baptism by meeting with the Rector, taking classes, and making changes to our lives.  Parents and Godparents who bring a child forward for baptism are making vows before God and to this community to raise that child in the faith, to come to church, continuing “in the apostles’ teachings and in the prayers.”  Therefore, parents are required, at Grace, to prepare for baptism and their work in periodic classes currently using Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel as a curricula.

If you are interested in beginning your journey in faith, or marking your child’s beginning, please contact the office so that we can begin to prepare together for such an adventure with Christ.