Weddings are one of the most personal moments of Worship in our lives.

Wedding dayWeddings are wonderful, romantic moments when love is celebrated and two lives joined together.  A wedding is an act of worship that takes planning and preparation.

At Grace, we value marriage, and so we require preparation and planning for your wedding.  We have a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony, but we are not a wedding chapel.  We are a community of faith designed to support parishioners on their spiritual journey through Welcome, Worship, Study, and Service.  Therefore, we reserve the use of the church for weddings of those who meet the following criteria:

  • Either the bride or the groom must be a baptized Christian, and
  • The bride and/or the groom must be active, worshipping members of Grace Episcopal Church, or
  • The bride or groom must have attended Grace Church at an earlier age, or
  • Members of the bride’s or groom’s family must be current contributing and active members.

Divorced people may be remarried in the Episcopal Church with approval from the Bishop.  This process requires additional time and will be discussed in your consultation with the clergy.  Please note that by Church (canon) law, application for marriage must be made to the officiant at least three (3) months in advance to give adequate time for premarital preparation.  To schedule a meeting with the Rector regarding your wedding at Grace, call the church office at 231.947.2330.

So that you are prepared when you meet with the Rector, know that we require a minimum of six pre-marital sessions (two with the Rector or his designee and four that may be with the Rector or with a pre-marital counselor.)  Grace Church also provides a Wedding coordinator who will work with you on planning your day of Worship and celebration.