We worship at home daily and together weekly.

At Grace Church, our worship week begins on Saturday evening at 5 pm with a quiet Eucharist that is meditative and very simple.

Sunday mornings begin at 8 am with a traditional early service of Eucharist that is centered in silence and reflection, but the 8 am crowd sticks around for coffee and conversation after.

Sundays at 10 am the primary service has music from our Grace Chancel Choir as well as Grace Harmony (a praise group) and Joyful Noise (our children’s choir) on occasion. Child care is provided throughout the service, and the children begin the service in Sunday School and come down to join the adults for the Service of the Table.

Wednesday morning at 10 am is our Simple Eucharist, which is best described as a discipleship meal. The readings for the upcoming week are explored in a vibrant community of friends and companions on the Way.

(http://www.lectionarypage.net for the readings)

Episcopal worship is liturgy based and so often feels very structured. It ranges in formality from the small intimate services mid-week to the far more formal Sunday services, but formal does not mean dour or unfriendly.

The structure is meant to provide a way for all to participate in the worship, responding and moving with the Spirit from the Service of the Word, where we gather, praise, and hear God’s Word today, to the Service of the Table, where we bring our offerings, remember what God has done for us, and call invoke the Spirit to involve us again in being the Body of Christ as we join together in prayer and thanksgiving (eucharist) around the altar.

Our readings are from a common lectionary found above, and our services are based in the Book of Common Prayer. A mark of Anglicanism and Episcopal life, the Prayer Book is our guide to the discipled life in community. In it we find our basic (and not so basic) daily prayers, services, psalms, lectionary readings, and even historical documents, as well as a plethora of prayers and thanksgivings for our common life. It is our manual of devotion and guide to worship. If you don’t have one, come and get one.