Prayer detailChristian prayer has always been intended to be a regular and a daily commitment of Christians. St. Benedict in his Rule of Life, makes a daily schedule of prayer a necessity for all monks, nuns, and lay persons.  In this section of the website, we offer prayers for children as well as daily devotions for individuals and families.

Here is a child’s prayer modeled after the Lord’s Prayer, by Susan Case Bonner:

My Whole Self Before You
Dear Father in heaven, I come and I bow
my whole self before you. Please hear me right now.
I’m glad that you love me. I’m glad that you care
for me and my family and folks everywhere.
I’m glad you sent Jesus. I know he’s your Son.
I’m learning about all the things he has done—
Like living and dying and living again,
so all who receive him may live up in heav’n.
I’d like to come see you, but ‘til I can come,
please help me to do things as you want them done.
Please help me show kindness to others, I pray.
Please keep me from evil and help me obey.
Please give me those things, God, you know that I need,
but free me from selfishness, pouting, and greed.
And for all the bad things I say and I do,
forgive me and teach me to be more like you.
Thank you, dear Father, and thank you again—
to you be all glory forever. Amen.
© Susan Case Bonner 2012
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