Can you Adopt-A-Spot?

by Ann Hackett, Buildings & Grounds Coordinator

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.                            -Colossians 3:23-24 ESV

 When I read this verse, I wonder how I am doing nurturing my spiritual inheritance.  Am I working to serve the Lord Christ? Am I working heartily for the Lord?  At home? At church? In my community? For others?

I invite you to make your own reflections and, at the same time, think about this. The campus of Grace Episcopal Church used to consist of a single church structure. Such is not the case now. We maintain five structures: the “brown house” with two apartments and the Jubilee House (both more than 100 years old), the Parish Hall (built in 1965), the Sanctuary (built in 2005) and the Food Pantry (remodeled in 2015). The structures support a lot of vibrant ministry and fulfill a variety of needs, but they demand a healthy portion of maintenance and love.

Remember how we “Showered Love on the Brown House” in preparation for Rev. Kathryn’s arrival?  More than 40 people signed up to apply themselves to one task, one hour, one time or one area. Some painted, some swept, some tilled the earth and some installed items. Others power washed, cleaned, and shopped.  A few more polished, scrubbed and pruned. Providing that refreshed housing option proved rewarding to those who contributed and enjoyable to Kathryn. It looked wonderful!

From where did that urge to help come for those 40 people? Was it an invitation from a friend or acquaintance?  Was there a desire to use a gift or talent to help out? Was it a nudge from God? Most likely it was a combination of these. Parishioners at Grace step into ministry work to be a part of the church community, to share a personal talent as a way of service or simply to enjoy the fellowship of others. It’s how we get things done, connect with each other and serve the Lord Christ.

I wonder if we can capture that energy again. That shared time and purpose. What if each household were to adopt a spot? A spot on the campus of Grace to claim as your own…a spot to steward for one year – one task or one area.  We showered the Brown House with love. Can we shower our campus with the same? For most spots no skill or know-how is required.

Some areas/tasks to be adopted:

  • Sweep an entry
  • Walk around the campus and pick up debris
  • Scrub the font
  • Change out a furnace filter
  • Wash the exterior of kitchen cabinets
  • Clean interior of parish hall windows
  • Polish sanctuary brass railings

By adopting a spot, your love for this place called Grace and your heart as a steward for its care and appearance will be evident. If each of more than 150 households adopts a spot, this could be a significant love fest! Imagine the impact on our premises. Imagine your inheritance from the Lord!

A list is posted in the Commons with lots of spots to adopt.


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