Welcome! We’re very glad to share Sunday mornings with you and your children.

Serve God, Love Kids; Serve Kids, Love God — This is our children’s ministries mission. We believe formation begins from the beginning, and so we take it seriously. To support you in your family’s faith formation, we offer these Sunday morning programs for our members from birth to eighteen. It’s also important to us that you know your children are always welcome to worship with you in the sanctuary, no matter their age.


Grace Church’s Nursery is an inviting and nurturing space for Grace’s youngest members. Children ages newborn to pre-K are welcome in the Nursery, where they are cared for by two Safeguarding-certified adults. While in Nursery, children spend their time engaged in play with age-appropriate activities, books, and craft projects. Shortly before the end of Nursery, the children gather for a simple prayer sung to the tune of a nursery rhyme and a small snack.

Nursery begins at 9:45 am Sunday morning and ends around 10:45 am, at which time the Nursery children join their families in Sunday service for the Eucharist. 

Grades K-2

Children in grades K-2 experience who God is through the Godly Play program created by Jerome Berryman. It is a Montessori based religious education program which guides children to learn to express the mystery of God through manipulative play. During Godly Play, children enter into Parables, Sacred Stories, and Liturgical Action to explore the depths of God. Teachers of the Godly Play program have been trained to be able to tell the stories using the beautifully crafted story boxes, lead children through the deeper wondering questions, and guide them into a meaningful response time.

Our class begins at 9:45 upstairs where children gather in the circle on the rug. We begin with the Liturgy of the Word. After this 10-minute service, the teacher tells the Godly Play story for that Sunday with the wondering questions. “I wonder which part of the story you like best. I wonder which part of the story is the most important. I wonder which part of the story you like the least. I wonder if there is a part of the story we could leave out and still have all of the story. I wonder which part of the story is most about you.” Children then choose a way to respond to that story or any other story they have heard. Response time can be playing with any of the stories, reading, building with God’s people, writing, or art. When the magical chimes ring, children clean up and meet back in the circle for a blessing before joining their families in church during the Peace.

We believe that children come to us with a natural sense of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. We look forward to having your children join us each Sunday morning for Godly Play.

Grades 3-5

The third through fifth grade Sunday School class at Grace utilizes Weaving God’s Promises, a comprehensive, three-year curriculum that provides bible-based lessons and readings, as well as hands-on activities and take-home literature.  The mission of the program is to help children experience how God’s promises of salvation are woven into our lives, show them the way of Christ, not only in church but also in the world as Christ’s ambassadors, give children a solid grounding for future formation programs, which prepares them for Christian adulthood, foster the spiritual formation of our children in Christ’s love and mercy and teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

For Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) offerings, check out our youth page.

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