Vestry minutes – 11/17/2015

November 17, 2015

Vestry Members: Mike Cotter, Nancy Flowers, Eddie Grim, Helen Hankins, Tim Hamilton, Sue Kelly, Mary Merrill, Michael Mittelstaedt, Donna Olendorf, John Strickler, Jeff Tibbits, Chuck Wolterink (Absentees in Italics)

Guests Present: Mark Stackable
Staff Present: Ann Hackett
Clergy Present: Daniel Richards, Katheryn King

Scripture & Study:

Daniel summarized the Ten Commandments for Pastors Leaving a Congregation, by Lawrence W. Francis:

Thou shalt know when it is time to go
Thou shalt explain thyself
Thou shalt not steal away
Thou shalt affirm thy congregation’s ministry
Thou shalt try to mend fences
Thou shalt help thy successor have a good beginning
Thou shalt be gentle with thyself
Thou shalt attend to thy family
Thou shalt stay away once thou have left
Thou shalt grieve

Daniel encouraged vestry members to be intolerant of fear, and to be generous of those who are on the inside as well as to those who are on the outside. In other words, serve generously those who are congregants as well as those in the community. And, continue to be in prayer together.


The minutes from the October 20, 2015 meeting were approved with one correction. Daniel’s last service will be on November 29 and his last day will be November 30, not December 1.

The agenda for the November 17, 2015, meeting was approved.

Priest Report:

Daniel thanked the vestry and the congregation for the celebration of ministry following the November 15 service.

Daniel also reported that Erika Shenk-Tessin, Administrative Assistant, has given notice that she will resign her position as secretary of Grace, effective December 17. Erika has been a tremendous resource for Grace and will be sorely missed.

Reports/Old Business:

Treasurer Report:           

Mark Stackable led the vestry through the draft 2016 budget put together by the Finance Committee. The draft budget reflects a deficit of $52,052.51. This number will be partially offset by Erika’s departure as administrative assistant and potential changes to that position. Mark stressed the importance of essentially eliminating the projected deficit.

Ann shared that, to date, results from Commitment Sunday November 15 have yielded 108 pledges totaling $294,000. The draft 2016 budget projects total 2016 pledges to be just under $400,000.

Donna encouraged vestry members to study the draft budget and to pray for appropriate ways to bring the 2016 budget into balance.

The vestry will conduct a budget review meeting December 5.

Associate Rector Report:            

Katheryn reported that her husband Dave has accepted a new position as Director of Development for St. Matthew Catholic Church in a burgeoning community 30 miles west of Portland, Oregon. Katheryn intends to honor her commitment to continue as our Associate Rector until Grace hires an interim rector, while Dave assumes his new position in Oregon.

Parish Administrator Report:            

Ann Hackett advised the vestry that several changes need to occur regarding signers on various church bank accounts. These are summarized as follows:

  • Remove Daniel as a signer for all active accounts effective December 1, 2015.
  • Remove Erika as a signer from the rector’s discretionary fund, effective December 1, 2015.
  • Add Katheryn King to checking, discretionary and Foundation accounts effective December 1, 2015.
  • Add Doug Still to checking and restricted accounts, effective December 1, 2015.
  • Remove Tom Thompson from the GEC Foundation account, effective immediately.

Motion by John Strickler, seconded by Donna Olendorf, that changes to signers on various bank accounts be made as designated. Motion approved.

Motion by Helen Hankins, seconded by Nancy Flowers, that a housing allowance of $10,000 annually be approved for The Rev. Katheryn King.

Motion by Nancy Flowers, seconded by Eddie Grim, to terminate Kathryn Christian’s current employment agreement, and to rewrite a new agreement designating her as an independent contractor at $3,000 annually for her work as Director of Grace Harmony. Motion approved.

Motion by Michael Mittelstaedt seconded by Mike Cotter, that the vestry adopt a medical insurance policy that provides plan coverage that complies with the Diocesan requirement, with coverage that includes eligible active employees/clergy plus one other family member.

Motion by Donna Olendorf, seconded by Nancy Flowers, that the generous anonymous donation of $9,593 which has been received with instructions that it be applied to the church mortgage, be used to pay off principal. Motion approved.

Motion by Nancy Flowers, seconded by Helen Hankins, that the January vestry meeting scheduled for January 19, 2016, be moved to January 12, 2016.

Senior Warden Report:            

By acclimation, the vestry unanimously directed that a courtesy resolution be prepared, thanking Daniel for his nearly seven years of dedicated service to Grace Church and for the many spiritual gifts he has bestowed on us.

Motion by Donna Olendorf, seconded by Michael Mittelstaedt, that the rent for the second floor apartment at 222 Boardman be increased by $25 per month to $875, and that the tenant be required to provide renter insurance.

Donna reported that letters have been mailed to supply clergy in our area and responses are coming in. As of this date Merry Hunt and David Lillvis have agreed to be supply clergy. Karl Marsh, Chuck Stewart and Marilyn Dressel have declined. Vestry members discussed other potential supply clergy from the area and diocese.

An exit interview with Daniel will be held November 18 between Daniel and the wardens.

Motion by Donna Olendorf, seconded by Eddie Grim, to approve Katheryn King’s Addendum to Covenant Agreement, extending her current contract for 30 hours of work per week, focused on pastoral care and participation with staff. Katheryn will continue to preside at Saturday services.

Motion by Donna Olendorf seconded by Eddie Grim, to allow Daniel to keep the office MacBook Pro computer and keyboard, the MacBook Air, and the Kindle, along with all software loaded on these devices, for a sum of $600, to be paid in full before December 1, 2015. Motion approved.

Donna reported that the Master Planning Committee has been tasked with creating a Parish Profile and Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) profile to be posted on the national church website.

Donna articulated the following transition timeline:

  • Daniel’s last service – November 29
  • Vestry 2016 budget review – December 5
  • Canon Spaid presides, preaches, and meets with vestry – December5/6
  • Parish Profile created – December/January
  • Create OTM profile for the national church website – December/January
  • Form search committee for a permanent rector – January
  • Welcome Interim Rector – February/March

Junior Warden Report:           

Jeff Tibbits submitted a written report. He has received input from several experienced and active GEC members sharing their ideas and concerns for the upcoming rector search committee yet to be formed. A few have offered to be considered as candidates for the committee. Others have offered to serve, if asked, in an advisory role to the committee, if and when questions and scenarios arise during the search.

Follow-up & Follow-Through:

  • Mike Cotter will write a thank-you note to Don Bumgardner thanking him for donating his expertise, labor and materials to make a repair on the roof in the area of the clerestory windows at no charge. Previously, the vestry approved up to $2,500 for this work.
  • Donna Olendorf will draft a resolution thanking Daniel for his service as our rector.
  • Donna Olendorf will communicate to the congregation that the Master Planning Committee has been asked to compile a parish and OTM profile.
  • Ann and Donna will contact Kathryn Christian regarding the changes in her contractual status.

Compline followed by dismissal at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

John Strickler

Vestry Clerk


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