Vestry minutes – 6/21/2016

Vestry Members:  Clare Andreasson, Maria DiStefano-Post, Nancy Flowers, Eddie Grim, Helen Hankins, Sue Kelly, Michael Mittelstaedt, Anne Montgomery, Donna Olendorf, Jeff Tibbits, Marian Vermeulen, Chuck Wolterink. (Absentees in Italics)

Guests Present:  Mark Stackable
Staff Present:    
Clergy Present: The Rev. Carlton Kelley

Prayer, Check-in, Scripture & Study: Carlton opened with a prayer and each of us shared what was happening in his/her life. Carlton led us in a lectio divina or “divine reading” using a short scripture from 2 Corinthians.  The scripture read intentionally three times by three different people with time to reflect in between is a way of opening ourselves to a living God.  We then shared how God’s word resonated within us.

Approve/Amend the Agenda:
The agenda for June 21 was approved by acclamation with amendments.  Add the Episcopal Peace Fellowship Peace Pole Resolution under New Business.  Add the Rector Search Committee Report under Core Ministry Reports.

The minutes from the May 17, 2016 meeting were approved by acclamation.



Rector Report:

Carlton reviewed his written report.  His ministry will emphasize pastoral care as he has

found faithful pastoral care is one of the foundations of a healthy parish.  He is appreciative of the staff and volunteers who are helpful and effective.  The retired clergy have also been an invaluable resource.  Carlton reports some communication issues have been resolved and that has set the tone for good will among all.  He feels this church is a blessed place, full of Grace.   


Treasurer’s Report:

Mark reviewed his written report.  The May financials are in order, however, pledge contributions are down about $3,000.  A mid-year financial report will go out to the parish via the website and Grace Life bulletin in July.  Kerry Nelson has volunteered to become the treasurer and will transition into that position in the fall of 2016.  

Mark made the recommendation to implement a new method of utilizing the distributions from the Hughes Organ Fund described in the motion below.

Motion by Eddie, seconded by Nancy, to utilize a checkbook directly attached to the Hughes Organ Fund at FIM and pay trust qualified expenses directly from the account as they come due.  Qualified expenses paid should continue to not exceed 5% of the value of the account or income (dividends/interest) whichever is less.  The snapshot of the account will be January 1 of every year.  Discussion ensued.  Motion passed.

Mark said they are working toward completion of the 2015 Annual Financial Review.  There was difficulty coming up with two bids as most financial groups want a commitment of three years. The Rehmann Group submitted a bid.

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Jeff, to accept the Rehmann Group bid for GEC’s 2015 Annual Financial Review.  Motion passed.


Parish Administrator Report:

In the absence of Ann, Donna read the written parish administrator report.

An error was discovered in the withdrawal of the Hughes Endowment funds.  The funds cannot be used for professional development.  The amount withdrawn included expenses incurred for the Sewaunee Church Music Conference for the Music & Worship coordinator.  There was also a copy error.  The total amount to be transferred from the general fund back into the investment account was $968.

Motion by Donna, seconded by Sue, to approve $6099 as the amount to claim from the Hughes investments for the upkeep of the organ and essential needs of the choir for 2015.  Motion approved.

Jubilee House fundraiser, “Swingshift and the Stars” requires a special bank account with Fifth Third Bank.  No money can be withdrawn until the close of the event in January 2017.  As it bears fiscal responsibility, account signers are needed.

Motion by Anne, seconded by Helen, that we include the GEC treasurer; Donna Olendorf, Senior Warden; Ann Hackett, Parish Administrator; and Rick Taylor, the tabulator representing Jubilee House as account signers of the Fifth Third Bank account associated with “Swingshift and the Stars.”  Discussion ensued.  Motion approved.  

It is necessary for the vestry to declare the salary and housing allowance for clergy as soon as possible after hiring.  The salary/housing allowance for The Rev. Carlton Kelley for one year will be a salary of $75,000 of which $40,000 is to be designated as a housing allowance.

Motion by Anne, seconded by Eddie, that $40,000 be designated for The Rev. Carlton Kelley as an annual housing allowance and shall apply to calendar year 2016 and future years unless otherwise provided.  Discussion ensued.  Motion passed.

Rene Papineau, caretaker, has resigned after working for GEC for 10 years.  Her excellent cleaning showed ownership of this place.  She will be missed.  (Letter of resignation attached)

The vestry would like to move ahead with the Engineered Protection System (EPS) security system.  The motion was passed a year ago to accept a quote of $4,000 but was put on hold due to budget shortfalls.  Ann will need to check to see if the quote still holds one year later.

It is felt a photo cell (dusk to dawn) security light is needed to illuminate the rear exterior of the Jubilee House as it is a dark corner.  Alpine Electric had installed one at the pantry entry and can do it for the JH house for under $500.

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Marian, to approve spending up to $500 on the photo cell security light for the rear of the Jubilee House.  Motion approved.


Senior Warden Report:

The Rector Search Committee has elected officers:

MaryLee Pakieser Chair
Bob Foote   Vice-chair
Sandy Seppala   Recording secretary
Ellen Schrader   Communication secretary
Marian Vermeulen is our vestry liaison and will be the official channel for communication between the RSC and the vestry (see her verbal report under Core Ministry Reports).  It was decided to have a barbecue some time in August with the vestry and RSC members to get to know one another and build a working relationship of mutual trust.

Donna Olendorf has been hired as the Director of Children and Youth Formation and will begin work in mid-August.  She is conducting a Youth Group survey through the end of June to gauge the strengths and needs of the current program.  Summer church school for young children will be held from June 26-August 28.  Older children are welcome to assist the teacher.

Donna reports the Master Planning Committee will transition into the Stewardship Committee.

Charissa Kaschel has been hired as the Administrative Assistant at GEC and began as staff on June 20.  She will be working 25 hours a week at a rate of $15 per hour.


Junior Warden Report:

Jeff’s written report shared a wonderful time of fellowship for the Men’s St. Theodosius Amity Group (STAG).  Dan Bush caught, filleted, pan-fried, and donated several hundred blue gill fish for their annual fish fry dinner.  He thanks Dan for his generosity and brotherhood.  The group was instrumental in raising funds for the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and will host a video on how to use it on Monday, July 11 at 6:00 pm.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Jeff has contacted former Potter’s House members and they have agreed to close out their bank account.  They will be making donations to service organizations at Grace.


Old Business:

New Business:
Chuck reported that the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) drafted and passed on June 14, 2016, the following resolution:  “The Episcopal Peace Fellowship of Grace Episcopal Church wants to be involved in any decisions regarding the Peace Pole, and is willing to contribute financial resources to its refurbishment or replacement.” Bill Foster has offered to use his woodworking skills as needed.


Forum for Congregational Concerns:

Carlton graciously wrote letters to Keith and Susan Bonner as well as Joel Wegman in response to their concerns regarding gay clergy.


Core Ministry Reports:

Rector Search Committee-Marian reports the leadership is in place and they have had two meetings.  MaryLee has contacted Canon Spaid and a retreat will be planned.  The RSC would like some clarification as to what needs to be communicated to the vestry.  It was decided to have a social event with members of the vestry and RSC.


Follow-up & Follow-through:

  • Eddie will purchase a timer to help keep our meetings to two hours.
  • Carlton will talk to Ann about more signage for Grace such as the common Grace Church Welcomes You with the Episcopal shield.
  • At the request of Fr. Carlton, Sue will include Rene Papineau’s letter in the minutes.
  • The vestry asks Ann to recommend a gift card for Rene to be sent with a card.
  • Ann will follow up with the EPS security bid.
  • Marian will follow up on RSC retreat information with MaryLee Pakieser and report back to the vestry.
  • Chuck will follow up with the Buildings and Grounds Committee regarding the EPF Peace Pole resolution.
  • Carlton will contact the Master Planning Committee to work through transitioning to the Stewardship Committee.
  • Donna, with the help of Sue, will plan and organize a barbecue with the vestry and RSC.
  • Donna will meet with MaryLee to clarify RSC communications with the vestry.


The next vestry meeting will be on Wednesday, July 20 due to the French Boys’ Choir Concert on Tuesday, July 19.

At the Close of the Day followed by dismissal at 8:48.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Kelly
Vestry Clerk


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