Food Pantry is moving to the brown garage

By Donna Olendorf

Donna OlendorfThe idea is simple.

Move the Food Pantry out of Jubilee House and into the detached brown garage adjacent to the church on the Boardman Avenue rental property.

And it’s a good idea, too.

There will be more space for cars, more room for food, and a much-needed separation between families seeking food and homeless people seeking shelter at Jubilee House.

 But it’s gotten bigger…

Like anything worth doing, this project is worth doing right, and that has transformed a small relocation into a big renovation with multiple phases.

Phase One, and the most important phase, includes remodeling the garage (including site costs for sanitation, water, paving, and walks) and moving the Food Pantry out of Jubilee House.

Phase Two involves Jubilee House improvements. The vacated space in the Jubilee House will be converted into another bathroom, changing room, and sitting room. Both plans will serve the less fortunate in our midst.

Additional phases add a shower room, windows, new flooring, electrical upgrades, and new storage cabinets.

 And the price has gone up.

The first phase of the project will cost around $47, 000 and Grace already has funds in place for that. When Frances Spedding, a parishioner who was part of the first Grace Pantry Shelf Mission Group, died in 2012, she left the church a gift of $35,000 for outreach. The vestry contemplated and prayed about the use of this generous donation: What would Frances do? Her gift is now being leveraged to meet the needs of both the pantry and Jubilee House with the application for a matching grant.

Funds will not come out of the budget, but we hope, in addition to Frances’ gift, they will come from donations within our community of friends and supporters.

If the matching grant is approved, Phase Two will begin in earnest. If not, project phases will be implemented as funding becomes available.

Beyond that, the vestry has approved the kickoff of a $30K Capital Fundraising Campaign for the project, focused on equipping and furnishing the facility.

 We thought about a tear down and rebuild from scratch…

But rebuilding just isn’t feasible due to commercial code restrictions. Once a permit is pulled for a new commercial building, the building codes become more stringent and much more expensive to implement.

 And now we need your help.

Please give generously to support this project. Envelopes with “Food Pantry and Jubilee House Renovation” will be available in the collection baskets for a reverse donation. And spread the word in the community, encouraging donations to the fundraising campaign.

Parish Administrator Ann Hackett contributed to this article.



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