From the Music Room: Worship and Music

By Katherine Will 

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3)

Kathy Will_StaffPageSpring and summer are my favorite times of year. I love the flowers blooming in my garden, the warmth of the sun, and those few stolen moments sleeping on the beach.  But for those of us living in vacationland, summer can also mean craziness: crowded sidewalks and restaurants downtown, the Cherry Festival, the Film Festival, friends and family visiting on multiple weekends, and trying to fit in as much fun as possible before the return of winter. And so we worship this weekend for the last time with two of our musical groups, as they take much deserved time-off for the summer.

Chancel Choir has been a dedicated group again this year, leading our 10 AM service every week, and doing double (and sometimes triple!) duty at Christmas and Easter.  Their commitment to weekly rehearsal and musical growth, and their willingness to do whatever I ask is a blessing, both to me, and to our congregation here at Grace.  Highlights this year have included our combined concert with Bethlehem Lutheran in December, the addition of several new (and younger!) members, the premier of Kathryn and Jason’s piece last weekend and the Evensong service this weekend. Chancel Choir will take a hiatus for the months of June, July and August so that they can sit with family members during worship, visit their cabins on weekends, and in general rest so they can return refreshed and renewed in September.

Joyful Noise is also winding down their season as the school year ends.  Another dedicated group of young individuals (and their parents!) these kiddos have juggled school, basketball, soccer, hockey, orchestra, school musicals, homework, and a host of other activities and still managed to find time to rehearse and sing at worship two Sundays each month.  I am proud of their continued musical growth this year, and amazed that several of these youth have now been singing with me for 5-6 years! We have also continued working in the Voice for Life curriculum, and I am pleased to announce that Katheryn Wade has recently completed the White level and is receiving her first year pin.

Even though these two groups will be on vacation, there will still be plenty of music at Grace during worship! Grace Harmony will continue to lead our song two Sundays each month, and members of the Manitou Winds will be visiting frequently to add to our worship. We thank both of these groups for sharing their offerings of music with us.

Once last tidbit to share… It is always difficult to schedule everyone’s favorite hymns during our worship, so I want to give you an opportunity to sing them.  From June 19th through July 10th I am proposing a good old-fashioned Hymn Sing in place of the prelude at the 10 AM service.  From 9:50 until 10 am I will be at the piano, you may call out your favorite hymn and we will sing several verses.  Anything in the Hymnal 1982 and With One Voice is fair game, so start marking your favorites now!


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