Full-time intentional interim will join Grace in October

The Rev. Kathryn Costas
The Rev. Kathryn Costas

By Clare Andreasson
Sr. Warden

The vestry is delighted to bring you the news that the Rev. Kathryn Costas has accepted a call to serve as full-time Intentional Interim Rector at Grace Church.  We finalized our covenant with her at our vestry meeting on Tuesday, September 19.  She will begin working with us the first week of October.

Kathryn has significant experience in working with parishes in transition.  She comes to us with the highest of recommendations.  She will serve as rector-in-charge of our parish, fulfilling all the responsibilities of rector at Grace.  In addition, she will lead us, as a parish, through a process designed to prepare us to recommission our search committee, relaunch our search, and ultimately, call a new full-time rector.  This process will include looking at our heritage and embracing all the rich variety that makes us Grace, reviewing our membership needs and our way of developing and organizing new and effective leadership, attending to our connections to the diocese and the communities of which we are a part, defining and redefining our sense of purpose and direction, and developing congregational and pastoral profiles.

Once our search committee is recommissioned, the Rev. LaRae Rutenbar will serve as a consultant to that committee, working closely with Kathryn and the parish through the search process.

An intentional interim is a rector with very specific training in leading a congregation through the central tasks of an interim period.  There is a fairly small group of rectors nationally who have this training.  Both Kathryn and LaRae are intentional interims.  In addition, they are highly regarded and in demand.  We feel immensely blessed to have these two women working with us as we continue to live into this season of transition.  Personally, as senior warden, I feel a great sense of hope and anticipation.  I believe that the work that lies ahead will bring us life and growth and joy.

Kathryn will be living in the first-floor apartment of the Brown House.  We are working intensely to prepare and furnish that apartment to make it a pleasant home for her while she is with us.  We would be thrilled if you would like to help us.  Contact Ann Hackett (ParishAdmin@gracetc.org) if you wish to make a donation to help defray the cost of furnishings.  Contact Ann or Charlene Allen (231-421-5252)  or Karla Herbold (561-214-2200) if you wish to provide work hours and “elbow grease” to ready the apartment itself.  They have a list of the tasks to be done.  Anything you could offer, however small, would help.  We want Kathryn to feel very welcome.


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