Icon of Our Lady represents sacred form of the Word

By Katherine Will
Director of Music & Worship

Our Lady iconIcons have been a part of worship from nearly the beginning of Christianity, especially in the Orthodox Church.

Considered a form of the Word and a view into heaven, there is a symbolic aspect to almost everything included within the image, as well asthe colors used. Even the placement of icons is governed by a sacred mathematics in which position, grouping, symmetry, and number are not only important but are also an integral part of the iconography. (www.infoplease.com)

The word “icon” comes from the Greek “eikōn”, an image or likeness that represents something else. Throughout history icons have been used as representations for instruction and teaching to the illiterate, and as aids for piety and prayer.  Their use helps us to remember spiritual truths and perhaps even to know the invisible.

Father Carlton and Don have recently commissioned an icon as a gift for the people of Grace Church.  This icon of Our Lady recently arrived and is currently lying on the altar – by custom it will remain there for 40 days before being blessed during a worship service. This beautiful new icon was written (not painted, because it is a form of the Word) by Father Brian Coleman, the Rector of St. Thomas in Battle Creek.  Once it is blessed, it will find an appropriate home here at Grace.

Thank you Carlton and Don for adding to the beauty and spirituality of our worship at Grace.





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