Keeping up with your pledge

Generations of GenerosityIn a perfect world the projected income for the budget would come along in neat packages of 1/12th in January, 2/12ths in February, etc. But, like in our own lives, income and expenses ebb and flow throughout the year. To the extent that is possible, there are ways to keep your financial giving to Grace current. Whether you are hunkered in because of weather, traveling to sunny parts of the country or home because of illness, giving to Grace can continue even if you don’t attend worship services.

Several options exist whether you have electronic access or not:

  • Use the DONATE button  which is located on every page of the Grace website
  • Make arrangements through your bank for automatic payments to be mailed to Grace in the form of a check
  • Make contributions yourself via snail mail
  • Use a book of envelopes to keep yourself on track; you can pick one up in the Commons

Quarterly statements (January through March) will be mailed or emailed  in April to those households that made a pledge in 2017. Be sure to review them for accuracy. If you have questions or would like to make a pledge now, pledge information is available in the Commons.

Join Generations of Generosity and make contributions to this place called Grace.




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