When you enter the sanctuary at Grace from the commons, you are faced immediately with the baptistry. It is large and made for immersion. The old, smaller traditional Episcopal font is before you, covered. The new font and baptistry are based on that older font. But they present a stark theological statement about the Christian faith: We are a baptized people. We mark the beginning of our Christian journey with baptism. Whether as a child who will be raised in the family and church of faith, or as an adult who is coming to the life of Christian discipleship for the first time, we begin in these waters.

If you are interested in beginning your journey in faith, or marking your child’s beginning, please speak with our rector so that we can begin to prepare together for such an adventure with Christ. Learn more about confirmation and membership.


Weddings are wonderful, romantic moments when love is celebrated and two lives are joined together.  A wedding is an act of worship that takes thoughtful planning and preparation. We have a beautiful setting for a ceremony, but we are not a wedding chapel. We are a community of faith designed to support parishioners on their spiritual journey.

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Funerals and Interment

In the Episcopal Church, the funeral liturgy is an act of worship, and finds all meaning in the resurrection. The liturgy for “The Burial of the Dead” in our Book of Common Prayer is actually an Easter liturgy and is characterized by joy, and the certainty that nothing, not even death, can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In keeping with this tradition, Grace offers the opportunity for parishioners’ ashes and those of their loved ones to repose inside the sanctuary in a “niche” in the wall of the columbarium. Ashes may also be interred in the Grace Memorial Garden for those who wish to bury the remains in the earth within the parish grounds.

  • Columbarium
  • Grace Memorial Garden

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